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Domestic Study Away

sunset in Hawaii

Photo credit: Alliyah Lusuegro '19 (Hawaii, University of Hawaii, fall 2018)

Outgoing Domestic Exchange

The Domestic Exchange Program allows Swarthmore students the opportunity to spend a semester away as an exchange student at one of three domestic U.S. institutions: Middlebury College or Pomona College. As an exchange student, you will live in college housing and carry a full academic course load at the host institution.

Domestic exchange could be a compelling option if you are interested in off-campus study, and wish to pursue a semester as a full-time student at another college in the United States. Like study abroad, domestic exchange gives you the opportunity to expand on your academics, whether that is taking classes in subjects not offered at Tri-Co or Penn, or taking advantage of diverse course offerings that allow you to deepen your knowledge in a particular area of study. It also allows you to explore student life at a different institution!

If you're an undocumented or DACAmented student, domestic off-campus study programs could be an option for you. For support with understanding your options, don't hesitate to contact Jennifer Marks-Gold Assistant Dean and Director of International Student Programs and/or Lauren Owens, Director for Global Engagement.

Requirements and procedures

  • Approval is contingent on various factors, both at Swarthmore and at the other institution and is neither automatic nor guaranteed.
  • Swarthmore students approved for domestic exchange pay Swarthmore tuition, room, board, and student activity fee; they also  retain any awarded Swarthmore financial aid for their exchange semester.
  • Students need to work with the host institution to figure out whether their health insurance complies with the host institution's health insurance requirements (regardless of the health insurance plan the student has while at Swarthmore). In some cases, students may need to waive the host institution's health insurance. It is the student's responsibility to submit the proper documentation by the host institution's deadlines.
  • All students must apply through the Global Engagement Office.  See here to get started on the process. 

Application Deadlines

  • Fall semester and / or full academic year: January 15
  • Spring semester:  June 1

Not a Swarthmore student? Middlebury and Pomona students interested in spending a semester at Swarthmore should work with their home school's domestic exchange program contact person to apply. For information about studying at Swarthmore, please see the information on the Inbound Exchange Programs page

Other Domestic Programs

The Global Engagement Office has approved three different domestic off-campus study programs: