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2023 Study Abroad Fair

Come join us on Friday, October 27 to meet with representatives from study abroad providers and global institutions. Below is a full list of programs that will be represented at the 2023 Study Abroad Fair.

East Africa
  • SIT: Kenya (Global Health and Human Rights)
  • SIT: Madagascar (Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management)
  • SIT: Rwanda (Post Genocide and Peacebuilding)
Southern Africa
  • MPS Consortium: South Africa (Globalization, Environment and Society)
  • Augsburg CGEE: Southern Africa (Racial and Environmental Justice)
  • CIEE: South Africa
  • SIT: South Africa (Community Health and Social Policy)
  • SIT: South Africa (Social and Political Transformation)
West Africa
  • Middlebury: Cameroon
  • SIT: Cameroon (Development and Social Change)
  • SIT: Ghana (Globalization, Cultural Legacies & the Afro chic)

Andean Region
  • SIT: Ecuador (Comparative Ecology and Conservation)
  • SIT: Ecuador (Development, Politics and Languages)
  • SIT: Peru (Indigenous Peoples and Globalization)
Central America and the Caribbean
  • Augsburg CGEE: Human Rights & Social Justice in Latin America
  • CIEE: Dominican Republic
  • Sarah Lawrence: Cuba
  • SIT: Panama (Tropical Ecology and Marine Ecosystems)
  • SFS: Panama (Tropical Island Biodiversity)
  • SFS: Turks & Caicos (Marine Resource Studies)
North America
  • SEA Education Association
  • SIT: Mexico (Migration, Borders, and Transnational Identity)
Southern Cone
  • Middlebury: Argentina
  • Middlebury: Chile
  • Middlebury: Uruguay
  • SIT: Argentina (Public Health and Urban Environment)
  • SIT: Brazil and Uruguay (Comparative Development)
  • SIT: Chile (Comparative Education and Social Change)
  • SIT: Chile (Identify, Justice, and Community Development)
  • SIT: Chile (Public Health and Traditional Medicine)
  • SFS: Argentina (Wild Patagonia)

East Asia
  • CET: Taiwan
  • CIEE: Kyoto
  • CIEE: Seoul
South Asia
  • SIT: India (Public Health, Gender, and Community Action)
  • SIT: Nepal (Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples)
  • SFS: Bhutan (Himalayan Environment & Society)
Southeast Asia
  • ISEP: Thailand
  • SIT: Indonesia (Art, Religion, and Social Change)
  • SIT: Vietnam (Culture, Social Change, and Development)

Central Europe
  • Bard College Berlin
  • ISEP: Czech Republic
  • SIT: Czech Republic (Arts and Social Change)
  • Smith in Hamburg
  • UPCES:  Undergraduate program in central european studies
  • Wayne State: Junior Year in Munich
Northern Europe
  • DIS: Denmark
  • DIS: Sweden
  • SIT: Iceland (Climate Change and the Arctic)
  • The Swedish Program
Southern Europe


  • CIEE: Portugal
  • College Year in Athens
  • Middlebury: Italy
  • Middlebury: Spain
  • NYU: Madrid
  • Siena Italian Studies
  • SIT: Portugal (Sustainability and Environmental Justice)       
  • SIT: Serbia (Peace and Conflict in the Balkans)          
  • SIT: Spain/Ireland (The Future of the European Union)        
  • Temple: Rome
  • Tufts-Skidmore: Spain
UK and Ireland
  • Augsburg CGEE: Northern Ireland (Peace, & Transition)       
  • INSTEP: London         
  • INSTEP: Cambridge    
  • Queen Mary, University of London    
  • Sarah Lawrence: Oxford
  • Sarah Lawrence: BADA Theatre


Western Europe
  • APA: Paris       
  • CIEE: Netherlands      
  • IFE: Paris        
  • IFE: Strasbourg    
  • Middlebury: France   
  • SIT: Netherlands (Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender)     
  • SIT: Switzerland (Banking, Finance and Social Responsibility)          
  • SIT: Switzerland (Global Health and Development)  
  • SIT: Switzerland (International Studies and Multilateral Diplomacy)
  • Smith in Paris
  • Wellesley in Aix

Middle East
  • CET: Jordan
  • CIEE: Jordan
  • Middlebury: Jordan
  • SIT: Jordan (Geopolitics and Future of the Middle East)
  • SIT Jordan (Refugees, Health, and Humanitarian Action)
North Africa
  • American University in Cairo
  • CIEE: Morocco
  • Middlebury: Morocco
  • SIT: Morocco (Multiculturalism and Human Rights)
  • SIT: Tunisia (Politics and Integration in the Mediterranean)

  • APA: France, Morocco, Senegal
  • SIT/IHP: Jordan, Nepal, Ecuador (Human Rights, Power, and Resistance)
  • SIT/IHP: Argentina, South Africa, Spain (Cities in 21st Century)
  • SIT/IHP: Morocco, Nepal, Peru (Climate Change)
  • SIT/IHP: Ecuador, South Africa, Spain (Food Systems)
  • SIT/IHP: Varies by Term (Health and Community)

  • SIT: Australia (Rainforest, Reef, and Cultural Ecology)
  • SIT: Australia (Sustainability and Environmental Action)
  • SFS: Australia (Rainforest to Reef)
  • SIT: Samoa (Social & Environmental Change)