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Campus Construction Highlights

bep under construction

Biology, Engineering, and Psychology (BEP) building

Ongoing Projects

Biology, Engineering and Psychology (BEP) Project

  • BEP construction highlights can be found here.

Campus-Wide Steam System Replacement, Phases 1 and 2

  • The first phase of a multi-year project to replace the aging steam heating system on campus began in 2018. Construction is underway to install equipment in the Central Utility Plant north of the Science Center and piping from that building to the heating system of the new Biology, Engineering and Psychology (BEP). Concurrent with this work, piping is being installed from the BEP building to Pearson Hall to add Pearson to the new hot-water system.

Hicks Hall

  • Hicks Hall is scheduled for demolition in Summer 2019. The demolition process includes various sustainability features:
    • Exterior stone from Hicks Hall will be saved and stockpiled for future reuse.
    • Egleson murals are being conserved and will be installed in the Art Department's drawing studio in Old Tarble.
    • The memorial stones embedded in exterior walls will be salvaged and incorporated in a retaining wall in the Nason Garden.
    • Construction debris will be recycled and diverted from landfills as much as possible.

Martin Biological Laboratory

  • Martin will be vacated when the new Biology, Engineering, and Psychology building is completed in the summer of 2020. Planning is now underway for the eventual repurposing of Martin to accommodate other academic needs.

Completed Projects

  • McCabe Library, 2nd Floor Alterations, 2018
  • Beardsley Hall, Maker Space, 2018
  • Hormel-Nguyen Intercultural Center, 2018
  • Whittier Hall, 2017
  • PPR Apartments, 2017
  • Danawell Residence Hall, 2015

Future Projects

  • New Dining Hall and Community Commons
  • Martin Biological Laboratory
  • Athletics and Fitness Master Plan Projects]