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Campus Construction Highlights

Our campus is in the midst of a transformative period. Our community is laying the groundwork for spaces and infrastructure that will allow us to live into our mission to educate the whole person and steward our resources toward a more sustainable future. 

As you walk the grounds, you’ll see work underway that supports a variety of projects, from the Dining and Community Commons to the College’s bold vision for realizing its goal of carbon neutrality by 2035, To Zero By Thirty-Five. These exciting and necessary projects will have a wide-reaching and long-standing impact on our community. Explore the resources below to learn more about some of the most critical and innovative work happening at Swarthmore.

  • Parrish Hall Improvements

    At the heart of campus, Parrish will play a vital role in connecting north campus to the new geoexchange system as part of To Zero By Thirty-Five. Construction will extend the geoexchange supply and return piping from the steam tunnel at the west end of Parrish to the basement of Kohlberg Hall—from there, distribution piping will extend to buildings on the north campus.  Along with this new piping, improvements to Parrish will involve upgrading underground utilities around the building, many of which are over 100 years old. 

    Improvements will also be made to the inside of Parrish: mechanical and fire alarm systems will be replaced, elevators will be modernized, windows will be retrofitted to improve energy efficiency, interior finishes will be replaced, and bathrooms will be renovated. 

    Beginning Summer 2023

    Parrish Hall
  • Connecting North Campus to the Geoexchange

    As part of To Zero By Thirty-Five, buildings across north campus will be tied into the geoexchange system and be made more energy-efficient, reducing the load on the geoexchange. Improvements to north campus will also include replacing some of the steam system piping in the underground utility tunnel with new geoexchange supply and return piping, extending these trunk lines from the geoexchange plant to the north end of the tunnel at the west end of Parrish Hall.

    Beginning Summer 2023

    Singer hall