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Facilities Management

aerial view of south campus

Department Overview

Swarthmore's campus operates much like a small city. Facilities Management manages and maintains Swarthmore's 73 buildings as well as 423 acres of gardens, lawns, athletic fields, and natural woodlands. In addition, it supports and maintains 101 faculty and staff housing units, which range from efficiency apartments to historic homes. We also manage our own Heat Plant, water cooling systems, and water tower. In total, the department cares for 1.7 million square feet of structures on campus.

Our goal is to provide a comfortable, pleasant, and safe environment for students, faculty, and staff so that the focus on academic excellence remains at the forefront.


Facilities Management supports Swarthmore's efforts to provide an accessible, safe,  and supportive environment for all members of our college community.  For more information on accessibility policies and practices, please see the Accessibility site.



Swarthmore is committed to being responsible stewards of our environment in everything from the preservation of natural spaces to our green building initiatives, recycling, and energy consumption.  See the Sustainability site for more information about the numerous green initiatives at Swarthmore.


Energy Use

Energy procurement and control is handled by the Maintenance Operation. To learn more about our energy needs click


Maxine Frank Singer '52 Hall Project

In addition to providing expanded, modern space for biology, engineering, and psychology, Maxine Frank Singer '52 Hall – planned as a model for environmentally intelligent construction practices — will support the campus community by strengthening interdisciplinary connections between academic departments across the curriculum through the addition of flexible classrooms, additional indoor and outdoor common space, and enhanced pedagogical experiences linked to environmental sustainability. 

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Crum Woods

Crum Woods includes 220 acres of forested land adjacent to Swarthmore College. 

Learn more about this important Swarthmore asset.