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Take-Out Container Policy

Take-Out Container Policy

The Take-Out program is a courtesy for when you are not able to eat your meal in

the Sharples due to class schedule or other college related obligations. There are

a few guidelines that need to be adhered to in order for this program to be


 Take-out is available 7 days.

 Take-out containers will be available during lunch and dinner meal periods.

 There will be a limit of 1 take-out container per meal period, per person.

 Take-out containers will be available at the upstairs register stations in Sharples only.

 You must decide at your time of entry whether you want to eat in or take out (i.e. if you decide to dine in, then you cannot request a take-out upon leaving during that   meal period).

 The take-out option is designed for you to take the meal you would have eaten in Sharples during that meal period with you. It should not be used

as a means to take food out for events/meetings, feed guests, stock your residence, etc.

Your adherence to these guidelines is imperative in our ability to continue offering this program and is much appreciated.