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Fall 2021 Meal Plan Information

Swarthmore College Dining Services is proud to provide you with your campus dining experience. Our staff has been working hard to ensure that those students who are returning to campus for the fall 2021 semester can enjoy fresh, quality food as safely as possible.

Fall 2021 Meal Plan

  • Swat Plan - Unlimited meals, $150 Dining Dollars and $150 Swat Points
  • Garnet Plan - 275 Meals, $300 Dining Dollars and $200 Swat Points
  • Phoenix Plan - 225 Meals, $400 Dining Dollars and $300 Swat Points
  • Parrish Plan - 160 Meals , $500 Dining Dollars and $400 Swat Points  
  • Apartment Plan - 160 Meals, $200 Dining Dollars and $700 Swat Points (PPR and Strath Haven Apartments Residents only - more information to follow)
    • Confirmed PPR and Strath Haven residents will be given instructions to select the Apartments plan during the housing selection process. 

Please be aware that the meal plans will begin on the day you move on to campus,  Dining Dollars, will be available starting the first day of classes.

Fall 2021 Meal Plan FAQs

Where will students on campus be able to use Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars can be used at Essie Mae’s, the Science Center Coffee Bar, campus vending machines, and the Swarthmore Campus and Community Store (for food, beverage, and convenience products only), beginning on the first day of classes.

Will students on campus be able to use Student Garnet Cash in the Ville?

Student Garnet Cash will be available for use in the Ville during the fall semester.

Where will students be able to use their meal equivalency?

Essie Mae’s, Mon-Fri, 4 p.m—10 p.m. Science Center Coffee Bar Mon - Fri,  10 p.m. - midnight and Sat, and Sun: 8:00 p.m. - midnight

Will students be able to eat at any campus dining location this fall semester?

Most campus dining locations will be open for food pick-up, take out, or dining in, but hours of operation will be modified. Please see our Dining Locations and Hours page for detailed information.