Dare 2 Soar

Dare 2 Soar tutoring program
Swarthmore students provide tutoring at local
schools and on the Swarthmore campus.

Dare 2 Soar is the largest and oldest tutoring program at Swarthmore College, and is the largest student-run group under the administration of the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility. Dare 2 Soar sends approximately 70 tutors into nearby Chester, Pennsylvania to give homework help and educational assistance to students grades K-12 each week during the academic year. Our tutors come from all sorts of backgrounds and interests, but all come dedicated to serving the community of Chester. The program is conducted as a component of the after school programs at 8 different sites. We also operate a full-day mentoring program in which students from Chester come to Swarthmore on Saturdays.

Dare 2 Soar tutoring runs Monday-Thursday in Chester and Saturday at Swarthmore College. Buses for tutoring in Chester leave Mon-Thurs at 3:30 and 4:10 from Parrish Circle. Tutors spend a minimum of 2 hours a week at one of our sites, for at least a full semester. Program participants are students ages K-12, and many of the sites serve a variety of age ranges. Transportation to the sites is provided; vans leave for Chester each day from Parrish Circle at 4pm, and return to Swarthmore between 5:30 and 6 pm.

Our Mission

Dare 2 Soar's primary goal is to serve as mentors and tutors, providing homework assistance for our students in a way which encourages them to become increasingly more academically self-sufficient. Chester is a struggling school district, and we hope that our tutors can be an additional resource to give students the tools to complete their school work--and stay motivated in school. 

Outside of this homework support aspect, Dare 2 Soar aims to build valuable relationships between its tutors and students. Our tutors can be positive role models for their students in Chester; getting to know their students individually and encouraging them to continue and flourish in their academic and career paths. Tutors engage their students with interactive educational  and cultural enrichment activities to build strong personal relationships and foster an independent love of learning in our students.