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The Competition

SwatTank is more than just a competition. SwatTank is a chance to transform the ideas you think and dream about into a business or social enterprise. 


Students interested in competing can go through the Innovation Incubator. This will set students up with a model, the Business Canvas Model, as a tool to plan and implement their idea. Throughout the Fall and Spring semesters, students meet once a week to workshop their ideas. 


Students are matched with an alumni mentor relevant to their business to provide guidance and support to their newly formed business. This Mentor is meant to be a resource to talk through ideas and workshops, tap the brain of someone in the business world, and provide experience necessary to help a new business. We are thankful and proud that our mentors are each experienced, knowledgeable, and care tremendously about helping students.


Students will go through Round-One Judging in February which consists of a four minute presentation and 10 minute question and answer period.  They have to submit a visual Business Model Canvas and a Report to the judging committee.  The top three students will go on to compete at the Swat Tank Innovation Competition on Friday, April 7 where they will give a similar presentation. All teams are required to have a physical poster.

Judging guidelines can be found here

Report template can be found here.

Business Model Canvas can be found here. 


The top three teams will give short presentations/pitches and turn in business model canvases at the Swat Tank Innovation Competition and will have the opportunity win the following prizes: 

  • 1st place: $3,000
  • 2nd place: $1,500
  • 3rd place: $500