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Instructional Support Partners

Multiple offices and programs on campus offer individualized support for instruction on campus. Whether you need help setting up Moodle, need to learn the fundamentals of materials accessibility, would like a librarian to put together a special course guide for an assignment, or something else, the TLC can connect you to someone who can help. Explore our directory here or reach out for an individual consultation. 

Information Technology Services (ITS)

The various divisions of ITS support faculty teaching in multiple ways, from technical fixes to consultations around technologies that support your teaching goals and more.


Work one on one with a member of the Accessibility team to get specific questions answered, get assistance with accessing specific resources, etc.

Student Disability Services

Student Disability Services works with students, faculty, and staff to ensure that students with physical, medical, learning, or psychological disabilities are provided with equal access to all college programs, activities, and services.


Librarians offer faculty consultations as well as class visits on developing specialized course guides to library resources, using specialized databases of information, and both general and specific guidance on using the libraries and all of its digital resources.

Writing Associates Program

Writing Assistants and Speaking Assistants can be requested by faculty to attach to specific courses. Writing assistants work with students in these courses throughout the semester to draft, revise, and edit writing assignments or to prepare and give feedback on presentations. WAs and SAs can also come to class time to give workshops.


Academic advising and mentoring are important elements of the work here for faculty and staff. Students rely on their advisors to offer sound and consistent advice about college requirements, choosing courses, majors and minors, and how to be a successful student in general. Being good advisors means, in part, being well-informed. It is our hope that the Advising Handbook helps you to be just that.