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Curriculum Development Grants

Tri-Co Philly

Label: Develop a Philadelphia-focused course

The Tri-Co Philly Program is a semester-long program that provides students both curricular and co-curricular activities in Philadelphia. Students in the program take two Philadelphia-focused courses in the city and participate in monthly cohort activities to connect with Philadelphia and fellow students across the Tri-Co. Tri-Co students outside of the program cohort may enroll in one of the program’s courses.

Tri-Co Philly

Engaged Scholarship Teaching Grants

Label: Develop a community-engaged course

Teaching new Engaged Scholarship courses (or re-envisioning existing courses in order to add a public-facing orientation) often requires extra resources. Engaged Scholarship courses can include the kind of Community-Based Learning (CBL) courses that the Lang Center has historically supported, as well as courses that add an experiential component to subjects and problems of public interest. For the academic year, you can request funding for TAs to act as liaisons with your community partners, equipment, travel, and honoraria for community partners.

Lang Center Resources for Faculty & Staff

Engaged Scholarship Teaching Awards

Label: Recognition and development

Faculty and instructional staff with ample experience in engaged scholarship may be eligible for one of the Engaged Scholarship Award programs, which offer recognition, and in some cases funding or professional development, for educators at different career stages.

Explore the award programs

President's Fund for Racial Justice

Label: Integrate racial justice in the curriculum

The President's Fund for Racial Justice supports a variety of curricular and co-curricular programs at Swarthmore that focus on transformative racial justice and promote engaged scholarship, with the goal of improving the lives of Black and brown people and other minoritized groups. Contact the President's Office for information on application guidelines. 

President's Fund for Racial Justice

Aydelotte Foundation Curricular Grants

Label: Integrate the study of higher education

Aydelotte Curricular Grants support Swarthmore faculty developing assignments, projects, or entire courses that include research, writing, discussion, and reflection on topics related to the history, present, and future of liberal arts and/or higher education.

Aydelotte Curricular Grants

Scott Arboretum Curricular Grants

Label: Integrate the mission of the Scott Arboretum

The Scott Arboretum curricular grants, made possible by the Janet Jones '61 Scott Arboretum Campus Engagement Endowment Fund, is offered as support to faculty developing assignments, projects, or entire courses that include research, writing, discussion, reading, activities, and laboratory sessions on topics related to ornamental plants, living museum management, and the mission of the Scott Arboretum. 

Read more about the Scott Arboretum grant program

Global Studies Initiative

Label: Create global connections

The Global Studies Initiative supports curricular development on global issues and local-global connections. In particular, it invites applications for course development that aims to develop knowledge of global issues, connections, and processes as well as potential solutions to global problems.  The GSI welcomes an interdisciplinary focus. 

Global Studies Initiative

Second Semester Sabbatical Funding

Label: Lang Fellowship for Course Development

The College funds 10 to 12 second-semester leaves each year. At least one of the Lang Fellowships can also be awarded to foster scholarship and/or course development, in particular in interdisciplinary programs.

Provost's Office

Teach Access Faculty Grants

Label: Incorporate accessibility

To accelerate the creation and delivery of accessibility-infused college curricula, Teach Access provides monetary awards to higher education faculty to develop curriculum enhancements that introduce the fundamental concepts and skills of accessibility into their existing courses.

Explore Teach Access Grants

Other External Curriculum Development Opportunities

External grants also support curriculum development and re-design. Hanover Research has compiled a list of granting agencies and programs. 

See Hanover's list here.

Are we missing anything?

If you know of additional curriculum development opportunities, please send the TLC an email.