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Program Resources


Engaging in a summer research project or other experience is an exciting journey.  But, students often have difficulty knowing where to begin.   The Summer Funding Opportunities Program Guidebook provides an overview of the program and guidance for students on how to progress through the development of their project and submission of their application.  In addition, the Guidebook outlines requirements students must complete as part of their acceptance of a summer fellowship.  All students, as part of their application, are expected to review and acknowledge understanding of the guidebook.  By accepting a summer fellowship, students agree to abide by the policies outlined by the Guidebook.



Swarthmore College offers a variety of funding opportunities designed to enhance the academic and professional exposure of students. Offered in the form of fellowships or grants, conference funding, or other funded opportunities, these awards are intended to allow students to engage in research, internships, or other projects to further their educational experience. Engaging in these types of co-curricular opportunities is a privilege.  With this privilege comes the expectation that students will adhere to the highest standards of integrity, mutual respect, and professionalism before, during, and after their experiences as representatives of Swarthmore College.  All awarded students will be asked to sign the Academic Division/Provost's Office Award Statement of Expectations.