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Spanish Curriculum

Spanish Novels on shelf.

The Department of Spanish's curriculum is organized in three tiers:

  • Language courses: Our language courses give students ample opportunity for practice, encouraging the development of communicative proficiency and cultural competency. 

SPAN 001    Elementary Spanish (every fall)

SPAN 002    Elementary Spanish (every spring)

SPAN 002B  Spanish for Advanced Beginners (every fall)

SPAN 003    Intermediate Spanish (every semester)

SPAN 004    Advanced Spanish (every semester)

SPAN 008    Spanish Conversation and Composition [Writing Course] (every semester)

  • Introductory courses: Our writing courses enable students to move toward writing proficiency in Spanish and provide a panoramic view of the literary and cultural histories of the Hispanic world. 

SPAN 012    Imágenes y contextos hispánicos

SPAN 015LITR 015S    Introduction to Latinx Literature and Culture [Writing Course; Taught in English] (Cross-listed as SPAN 015) (every fall)

SPAN 022    Introducción a la literatura española [Writing Course] (every fall)

SPAN 023    Introducción a la literatura latinoamericana [Writing Course] (every spring)

  • Advanced courses and seminars explore specific trends and topics pertaining to the literatures and cultures of Spain, Mexico and Central America, South America, and the Hispanic Caribbean as well as those of Latino/a communities in the United States.  Additionally, courses taught in English allow a wide range of students to explore this rich literary and cultural heritage.

Explore our advanced course offerings.

Courses numbered 40 to 89 belong to the same level of complexity, requiring the same level of preparation. The numbering does not imply a sequence.

Students must have taken SPAN 022 or 023 before they can take an advanced literature or film course in Spanish unless they receive special permission from the instructor.