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Honors Program in Spanish


Candidates for the major or minor in Spanish must meet these requirements to be accepted into Honors:

  1. A “B” average in Spanish coursework at the College.
  2. Completion at Swarthmore of either SPAN 022 or SPAN 023 (except in cases when the section waives this requirement or approves a similar course taken abroad) and one course numbered 040 to 089.
  3. Completion of one semester of study in a Spanish-speaking country in a program approved by the Department of Spanish. Depending on their linguistic proficiency, as evaluated by the Spanish faculty, honors majors and minors may petition to have the requirement waived or fulfilled with a summer-long off-campus study program.
  4. Demonstrated linguistic ability in the language.
  5. Present fields for external examination based on either two-credit seminars offered by the department, or the combination of two advanced courses numbered between 050-089 that form a logical pairing.
  6. All majors in the Honors Program must do three (3) preparations for  a total of six units of credit while all minors must complete one (1) preparation consisting of two units of credit.

The Honors Exam for Majors and Minors

Majors will take three (3) three-hour written examinations prepared by the external examiners, as well as three (3) 45 minute oral exams based on the contents of each field of preparation.

Minors will take one (1) three-hour written examination prepared by the external examiner, as well as one (1) half-hour oral exam based on the contents of the written examination and their overall preparation in the field presented.

All Honors exams will be conducted exclusively in Spanish.