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  • Students wishing to major or minor in Spanish should plan their program in consultation with the department.

  • Spanish is the only language used in class discussion, readings, culture, and assignments in all courses, except in LITR courses. 

  • Students must have taken SPAN 022 or 023 before they can take an advanced literature or film course in Spanish unless they receive special permission from the instructor. 

  • Courses numbered 040 to 089 belong to the same level of complexity, requiring the same level of preparation. The numbering does not imply a sequence.

  • Spanish courses taught in English (LITR.S courses) do not count towards the Spanish minor. One Spanish course taken in English may count towards the Spanish major.

  • Students wishing to take seminars (SPAN 103, SPAN 104, SPAN 108, and SPAN 106)  must have completed SPAN 022 or SPAN 023, plus at least one course in Spanish numbered 30 and above. Students are admitted to seminars on a case-by-case basis by the instructor according to their overall preparation.