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Student Parking

Any student owning or operating a motor vehicle on College property is required to read and abide by the College's Motor Vehicle Rules. A copy of the Motor Vehicle Rules can be obtained at the Benjamin West House.

Parking Areas

Student permit recipients must park in their assigned student parking lot at all times. 

  • Students with an "ML" permit MUST park in the Mary Lyons lot;
  • Students with a "CS" permit MUST park in the Cunningham South lot.
  • Parking in a space other than your assigned lot is prohibited at all times.
  • Whether or not the student has a permit, students may not park in Faculty-Staff or visitor spaces at any time.


Any ticket may be appealed by completing an appeal form. This form must be received by Public Safety within ten (10) days of the violation date in order to be considered. A second appeal or "review" by a student committee may follow an unsuccessfully appealed violation. The decision of that committee is final.


Student Cars without permits parked anywhere on campus at any time

For non-permitted student cars parked on campus, including in faculty-staff-permit spaces, student-permit spaces, or visitor spaces, Public Safety will issue a traffic citation.  After one citations, the car will be issued a Boot/Tow Notice, and/or will be booted or towed if found in violation of the regulations again.

Student Cars with student permits parked in spaces other than assigned student lot

The student permit allows the student to park only within the assigned student parking lot.  If a vehicle with a student permit is parked in any other space, including faculty-staff spaces or visitor spaces, Public Safety will issue a traffic citation.  After one citations, the car will be issued a Boot/Tow Notice, and will be booted or towed at the next infraction.

Car towed immediately in cases of compromised safety or accessibility

In the case of a car parked in a fire lane, loading zone, or signed accessible space, or in any case where there is a safety or accessibility issue, the car will be towed immediately.   Public Safety will not wait for multiple tickets to accrue.


  • $20 fine for the following infractions:
    • Prohibited Parking by Sign or Yellow Line
    • Overtime in 20-minute zone or 2-hour zone
    • Blocking a crosswalk, driveway, dumpster or other vehicle
    • Parking without a permit, or while permit is suspended or revoked
    • Taking two parking spaces for a single vehicle
    • Failure to display parking permit as instructed
    • Parking in other than an authorized lot or space
  • $50 fine for the following infractions:
    • Exceeding posted speed limit
    • Reckless driving
    • Driving/parking on sidewalks or grass
    • Parking in a fire lane or zone
    • Disobeying a traffic control device or barrier
    • Parking in roadway (including Parrish East and West Circles and the Lang/LPAC Circle)
  • $100 fine for the following infractions:
    • Blocking a fire hydrant, fire escape, or exit
    • Parking in a signed handicapped-accessible parking space
    • Removal of boot
    • Towing fine (not including fees from towing company)

Citation Fines Payment and Adjudication

Drivers have 30 days to pay a citation fine. Fines are discounted 20% if paid within 5 days of issue. If a student’s fine is not paid within 30 days, the fine will be added to the student’s Bursar account.  The student may not graduate until all fines are paid in full.

Public Safety officers will be instructed to boot the vehicle at the next infraction when a student accrues one of the following: a boot/tow notice; three unpaid citations; $100 or more in outstanding fines. 

To have a boot removed, the driver must pay the boot-removal fine of $100 and all outstanding parking fines.

If a student with a permit accrues three or more citations, or is booted, that student’s permit may be suspended for the remainder of the academic year.  Permit revocation decisions are based solely on the accumulation of three violations that have been un-appealed or unsuccessfully appealed.  All decisions are final.