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Reporting an Incident

Safety at Swarthmore is everyone's responsibility. Students, faculty, and staff working together can be formidable in opposing those intent on victimizing our community. We strongly encourage everyone to promptly report all criminal activity and suspicious persons by contacting the Department's emergency telephone line (610) 328-8333 and to use (610) 328-8281 for non- emergencies. From any campus phone, only the last four digits are required. You may also use this online report form which, when submitted, is delivered to Director Mike Hill.

Blue light phones on campus will connect immediately to Public Safety by pushing the red "Emergency" button. Dialing 911 may be used to summon emergency assistance from Swarthmore Fire and/or Police Departments.

We also recommend you avail yourself of the numerous programs and services operating to enhance your safety and encourage others to do likewise! Questions, comments, and suggestions are important to us and are always welcome.

Why Report?

Prompt reporting of criminal offenses aids in providing timely warning notices to the community when appropriate and in compiling accurate crime statistics. All information reported to Public Safety is treated as confidential, except as required by law. We discourage the practice of accepting information anonymously as this can hinder proper investigation of incidents brought to Public Safety's attention. When major incidents occur, the Borough police may also respond. A formal report of loss must be made before you can recover under most insurance policies.

Questions that can be asked about any given incident can vary, depending on the type of incident being reported. However, in all cases, someone who reports an incident can expect to be asked their name, what is being reported (theft, burglary, assault), and where and when the incident occurred.