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Transportation for Sick and Injured Students

If a community member contacts Public Safety to request an escort to another part of campus, every reasonable effort shall be made to get the community member picked up and dropped off to their destination in a timely manner, and as close to the location as possible. Contact the Public Safety Communications Center at 610-328-8281 if you are in need of an escort.

If you are anticipating making regular requests for unique pick-up or drop-off locations as you recover from an illness or injury, please reach out first to Director of Public Safety Mike Hill ( Public Safety will try to meet requests, but the ability to do so is based on staffing, vehicle availability, and additional constraints. Please plan accordingly and understand there may be time delays due to other incidents, weather, or emergencies occurring on campus.

During  your recovery, you can request that the shuttle pick you up or drop you off at campus destinations that are not typically on the shuttle route. To make that request, please call the Public Safety Communication Center: 610-328-8281. If you are anticipating making regular requests for unique pick-up or drop-off locations as you recover, please reach out to Director of Public Safety Mike Hill ( and Associate Director of Public Safety John Bera ( Please see schedule below for the Garnet Shuttle:

Daytime Campus Shuttle

Mon. thru Fri.
7 a.m.–12- noon and 12 noon until 5 p.m.
Sat., 7:30 a.m.–11 a.m

Evening campus shuttle

Mon. thru Sun., 5 p.m.–2:30 a.m.

Uber Health Partnership

Due to increases in community needs, the Department of Public Safety has begun a new partnership with Uber Health to assist with providing non-emergent transportation for sick and injured members of the community to local medical facilities. This service is available to community members after consultation and authorization as outlined below and based upon several criteria:

1. An authorized transport request from Athletic Trainers, Worth Health/Wellness, Student Disability Services, Nurse On-Call, or the Division of Student Affairs is required prior to an Uber Health being dispatched. When contacting the after hours Nurse On-Call from Worth Health Center, they will conduct an initial intake and triage conversation with the student. Based upon information gleaned in conversation, the student will receive a call back from the Nurse who will request additional information as needed to complete the medical assessment and determine the appropriate type of transport and/or response. This return call could take up to 1 hour depending on the initial triage conversation and severity of illness communicated to the Nurse On-Call. The Nurse On-Call then contacts Public Safety to advise of the final determination. 

2. Public Safety Staff must provide an on-site visual and verbal assessment to ensure the individual is able to make the transport, based upon their medical condition. Once the assessment is completed, Uber Health will be dispatched. 

3. In some instances an officer may transport the individual in a marked patrol vehicle to a health care facility directly. This is situation dependent and subject to staffing considerations.

4. If the individual is not ambulatory based on the officer assessment, or reporting/suffering from serious/severe illness or injury, Public Safety will contact 911 and request Emergency Medical Services to respond and effect the transport as the condition is outside the scope of medical care Public Safety staff are trained for, as well as outside the scope of abilities for Uber Health. 

Temporary Parking Permits

If you have access to a car and need a temporary parking permit as you recover from your injury or surgery, please contact the director of Student Health and Wellness at