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2023-2024 CSAs

Note: Any individual or organization specified in an institution's statement of campus security policy as an individual or organization to which students and employees should report criminal offenses. These groups are resident assistants, garnet guides, and student academic mentors.  

The following staff and faculty members are designated CSAs.

Name Position
Abdul Rahman, Umar Muslim Student Advisor
Adams, Tobin Assistant Director of Athletics for Internal Operations
Alvarez, Luis Shuttle Driver
Anckaitis, Todd Women's Soccer Head Coach
Anderson, Casey CRNP-Director of Student Health and Wellness
Arnold, Kroy Assistant Men's Lacrosse Coach
Baric, Mira Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students
Barrington, Jennifer Associate Director-Career Development
Bennett, Robert Shuttle Driver
Bera, John Assoiciate Director of Public Safety for Cmmunity Engagement and Professional Standards
Berman, Stephie Administrative Coordinator
Beucler, Kristie Associate Director, Career Development-Career Services
Booth, Brian Assistant Baseball Coach
Borak, Nick Community Resource Officer-Public Safety
Borbee, Karen Women's Lacrosse Head Coach
Borger, Steve Athletics Operations Coordinator
Box, Jason Men's Tennis Head Coach
Briggs-Edwards, Sandra Communications Officer-Public Safety/Act 153 Liaison
Brooks, Tom Assistant Men's Soccer Coach
Browne, Meghan Administrative Assistant-Public Safety
Bryson, Britani Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Carroll, Peter Cross-Country/Track & Field Head Coach
Cheng, Noah Assistant Men's Tennis Coach
Chwastyk, Harleigh Volleyball Head Coach
Clarke, Holly CRNP-Student Health and Wellness
Colby, Karin Men's/Women's Swim Head Coach
Collins, Simone Director of Counseling and Psychological Services
Curran, Rebecca Assistant Women's Tennis Coach
Dalton, Ciaran Assistant Men's Soccer Coach
Davy, Sam Men's/Women's Swim Assistant Coach
Derickson, Liz Associate Dean of Academic Success
DiMartino, Anthony Shuttle Driver
Doeller, Rudy Shuttle Driver
Donnelly, Cheryl BSN-Registered Nurse
Dougherty, Kelly Assistant Director, Employee Relations-Career Services
Dyitt, Allisa Communications Officer-Public Safety
Edwards, Don Assistant Baseball Coach
El-Burki, Imaani Assistant Dean and Director of the Intercultural Center
Elkins, Davis Assistant Men's Tennis Coach
Ellis, Andrew Assistant Baseball Coach
Ellow, Josh Alcohol and Other Drugs Counselor and Educator
Evans, Candis Community Resource Manager-Public Safety
Fallati, Mark Assistant Ment's Tennis Coach
Ferrick, TJ Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Finley, Melissa Softball Head Coach
Fowler, Mabel Assistant Swim Coach
Gibson, Felicite Administrative Coordinator to the Vice President For Student Affairs
Gobrecht, Stephany Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach
Godfrey, Lauren CRNP-Student Health and Wellness
Gómez, Val Associate Director of Athletics/SWA
Grant, Dawn Interim Women's Basketball Head Coach
Green, Stacy Clinical Social Worker and Social Work Supervisor
Gress, J. Patrick Men’s Lacrosse Head Coach
Gutwein, Karl (Biff) Assistant I/O Track Coach
Halpern, Mike Assistant Baseball Coach
Harris, Hannah Field Hockey Head Coach
Harrison, Lou Assistant Men's Lacrosse Coach
Hartley, Greg Community Resource Officer-Public Safety
Hausker, Tara Assistant Field Hockey Coach
Hayes, Simone Program Coordinator-Black Cultural Center
Head, Rachel Associate Dean and Director of Student Engagement
Henry, Karen Dean of First Year Students
Hewitt, Joseph Consulting Psychiatrist
Hill, Michael Director of Public Safety
Hollis, Purcell Shuttle Driver
Hotham, Tor Assistant Men's Soccer Coach
Howzell, Angel Administrative Assistant-Deans Office
Hudak, Allison Head Athletic Trainer
Hunt, Jenna Assistant Registrar
Huppman, Traci Assistant Director of Disability Services
Hussar, Maggie Assistant Director-Intercultural Center
Iredale, George Community Resource Supervisor-Public Safety
Irvin, Chris Athletics Business Operations Manager
Ischiropoulos, Harry Assistant Men's Soccer Coach
Jackson, Ashley Community Resource Officer-Public Safety
Jacquette, Michelle Assistant Women's Soccer Coach
Janczewski, Suzanne Registered Nurse
Jeffries, Leonard Shuttle Driver
Jenemann, Usha Associate Registrar
Kapij, Alexis Area Coordinator
Kelley, Scott Assistant Baseball Coach
Kennedy, Charles Assistant Swim Coach
Kim, Heejin Clinical Psychologist
Kim-Keefer, Pattie Associate Director, Technology & Assessments-Career Services
Kincade, Thomas Community Resource Officer-Public Safety
Klieger, Claire Associate Vice President-Executive Director of Career Services
Koch, Brad Director of Athletics
Kosmalski, Landry Men's Basketball Head Coach
Krannebitter, Kathy Interim Women's Lacrosse Head Coach
LaBelle, Sabrina Protestant Student Advisor
Lawless, Mary Lou Assistant to the Director of Public Safety/Office Manager
Lenway, Jennifer Administrative Assistant for Health Sciences and Pre-Law Advising
Loeffler, Shane Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Loomis, Jeremy Women's Tennis Head Coach
Lucci, Lauren Assistant I/O Track Coach
MacFarland, Aimee Assistant Field Hockey Coach
Magier, Rebecca Assistant Women's Soccer Coach
Maginnis, Lisa Administrative Assistant-Career Services
Mancini, Marie Director of Sports Medicine
Mandos, Melissa Fellowship & Prozes Advisor, SAM (Student Academic Mentor) Program Director
Manuel, Darryl Shuttle Driver
Marks-Gold, Jennifer Assistant Dean and Director of International Student Programs
Massey, Erin Senior Associate Director of Career Services
Matekovic, Kat Assistant Registrar
Matthews, Christian Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
McGee, Jake Community Resource Officer-Public Safety
McGrath, Terry Administrative Assistant-CAPS
McNeil, Desmond Community Resource Team Leader-Public Safety
McPherson, Christopher Director of Sports Performance and Matchbox Fitness Center Coordinator
Melvin, Kathryn International Student Coordinator
Midkiff, Matt Baseball Head Coach
Miller, Max Assistant Athletic Director for Recreation, Wellness & Physical Education
Miller, Nathan Senior Associate Dean of Student Life
Mizanin, Matt Director of Athletics Communications
Moore, Jen Assistant Softball Coach
Mueller, Rebecca Per-Diem Nurse Practitioner
Nelson, Dusty Assistant Women's Tennis Coach
Netanel, Ashley Health and Wellness Educator
Noon, John Assistant XC/Track & Field Coach
Orchowski, Leah CRNP-Student Health and Wellness
Pace, Michael Assistant Men's/Women's Swim Coach
Palma, Mary Jane Medical Administrative Assistant/Insurance Coordinator-Student Health and Wellness
Parikh, Bhavin Badminton Head Coach
Philip, Dawn Equity and Inclusion Clinical Supervisor
Pizio, Brittany RN-Registered Dietitian/Nutrition
Quinn, Brandy Assistant Softball Coach
Quinn, Colin Associate Director for Operations-Public Safety
Ramberg, Michael Jewish Student Advisor-Interfaith Center Co-Director
Ray, Michelle D. Associate Dean and Director of Case Management
Reilly, Mary CRNP, Assistant Director of Health and Wellness
Rhoads, Ainslie Assistant Field Hockey Coach
Sakomura, Tomoko Provost
Scercy, Steve Shuttle Driver
Schaefer, Mattie Area Coordinator
Schmidt, Alex Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Shaffer, Leisha Assistant Men's/Women's Swim Coach
Shalk, Ben Assistant Director of Student Activities and Leadership
Simone, Gigi Health Sciences/Pre-Law Advisor
Smedley, Joshua Community Resource Team Leader-Public Safety
Smith, Kristen Registrar
Smith, Kwane Assistant I/O Track Coach, Equipment Room Assistant
Stasiunas, Eileen BSN-Registered Nurse
Steinglass, Oliver Assistant Men's Soccer Coach
Stephano, Bob Community Resource Officer-Public Safety
Stratton, Mike Equipment Business & Operations Manager
Thomas, Tana Golf Head Coach
Thompson, Tiffany Associate Dean of Inclusive Excellence
Throckmorton, Josh Assistant Men's Tennis Coach
Tourish, Rosemary Administrative Assistant-Deans Office
Vance, Monica Director of Disability Services
Viguers, Sandy Assistant Athletic Trainer
Wagner, Eric Men's Soccer Head Coach
Wallen, Christina Community Resource Officer-Public Safety
Walsh, Daniel Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Ware, Sarah Administrative Assistant to Student Life
Warren-Weigmann, Zeke Assistant Director of Athletics Communications
Wasson, Sam Assistant Men's Lacrosse Coach
Weekes, Hayden Community Resource Officer-Public Safety
Weintraub-Barth, Rebecca Director of Student Activities
Williamson, Yvette Shuttle Driver
Wollman, Michelle Communications Officer-Public Safety
Yannelli, Larry Equipment Room Manager
Zhang, Linda Asssociate Volleyball Coach


Student CSAs
Garnet Guides-Public Safety
Student Academic Mentors-SAMs
Resident Assistants