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Sophomore Plan of Study

Sophomore Plans for the Class of 2026 are due on Thursday, March 7, 2024.

Complete information can be found on the deans' sophomore plan of study page.

Students complete their Sophomore Plan electronically, via the Major/Minor Portals in mySwarthmore(Note: It is important to update your plan in the portal whenever your projections change.)

Once students state their intended major/minor in the portal, we will put the plan advisor's name in the portal, please reach out to your advisor to arrange a meeting with them.

You will be given a plan advisor, this person will NOT be your major/minor advisor - in the PHIL department, the chair advises all majors/minors.

Include in your plan -

  • Major/minor and course/honors.  A plan narrative - a brief description of the primary interests, purposes, and principles that organize your program of study, including off-campus study, Honors, etc.
  • Courses for the remaining 4 semesters, Junior and Senior years.  Include courses that will meet the required credits/distribution to complete your PHIL program.
  • In Spring of your senior year - course majors must include PHIL 99 Senior Course Study (SCS), honors majors &  minors must include PHIL 199 Senior Honors Study (SHS).
  • Honors - an honors preparation form, listing the 4 preparations you plan to take for honors - 3 for the major, 1 for the minor.  (PHIL 199 SHS is not a preparation.)

Seminars you indicate on your plan – you will be put on a sign-up sheet.  If you change your seminar plan(s) after it is approved, please let the department AA know.  This aids in planning so any under or over enrolled seminar can be canceled or rescheduled.