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PPE Special Major

PPE is a special major that combines courses in Philosophy, Political Science and Economics. You can be based in either Philosophy or Political Science as a PPE Major. 

When selecting your special major as a sophomore, please specify which department you want to be based in by selecting the one that starts with the department you want to base yourself in. For example, if you want to be based in Philosophy, you would select PHIL, POLS & ECON;  if you want to be based in Political Science, you would select POLS, PHIL & ECON. 

You can check this PPE  Requirement Checklist to see the requirements for PHIL or POLS based.

If you change your department base, you must change it in the major/minor portal so the Registrar can change it in Banner.  This is important since there is a difference in the Senior exercise, based on your home department.  Also, each is based in a different division - Humanities or Social Science.