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Philosophy Syllabi as of 4/11/24

  • Syllabi on this page are for the purpose of helping students with class choices.   
  • Syllabi may not be  up-to-date, faculty distribute the latest version of their syllabi during or before the first day of class. 
  • Enrolled students are responsible to make sure they have the correct and latest version of the syllabus.

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Fall 2024

Syllabi may not be finalized, Below might be older versions.
If syllabi are not available during the add/drop period, please refer to the catalog for course description

PHIL introductory level courses are open to anyone who has not taken one previously,
only freshmen are eligible to enroll in First Year Seminars (FYS) -

PHIL 1F - Intro:  Classical & Contemporary Problems
PHIL 1H - Intro:  Personal Identity & the Self (WC)
PHIL 3 - FYS:  Meaning of Life (WC)
PHIL 5 - FYS:  Human Nature (WC)
PHIL 12A - Logic
PHIL 12B - Logic

Check prerequisite requirement for the following intermediate level courses -
PHIL 22 - Philosophies of Violence
PHIL 23 - Metaphysics
PHIL 34 - Marx & Marxism
PHIL 40 - Semantics (WC starting F24; taught by LING, cross listed LING 40)
PHIL 52 - Bioethics
PHIL 53 - Debates in Indian Philosophy
PHIL 79 - Post-Structuralism (WC)

Seminars are open to JRs & SRs - preference given to honors students  taking for a preparation.
PHIL 101 - Moral Philosophy
PHIL 102  - Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 116 - Language & Meaning