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Philosophy Student Groups


The "Lady Philosophers" is a group of women that meet to discuss philosophy and support each other in this male-dominated field.  They discuss topics such as the challenges facing women in professional settings; classroom dynamics; relevant campus events; and interesting news articles.  All topics are open for discussion.

Members do not have to be philosophy majors (or have taken a class in the department) to participate in the weekly discussions.

On April 10, 2014 Lady Philosophers received an Official Charter from the college.

If you are interested in this group contact Megan Wu or Erica Zhang  for more information.
For Spring 2021, we meet on Monday at 10:00 pm EST.


The Swarthmore Philosophy Club is a group of students from different backgrounds and majors who meet once a week to talk about philosophy. Conversations at Philosophy Club can be about anything, and it's a great place to meet new people and explore novel ideas. 
There are no academic expectations of participants. Rather, this club is dedicated to creating an atmosphere of communal discussion and exploration. 
For additional information contact Lee Cohen (ecohen4).