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Class of '18 Scholars

Check back soon for more information on the Class of '18 scholars.

Angel Padilla

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.
High School: Northeast High School

Intended Major: Political Science & Peace and Conflict Studies (minor)

Possible Career: High School Teacher and Author


Brandon Torres

Hometown: San Juan Capistrano, Calif.
High School: Saint Margaret's Episcopal School

Intended Major: Double Major in English/Education and Japanese

Possible Career: High School Teacher and Author


Efrain Cordova

Erfrain Cordova






Hometown: McAllen, Texas
High School: Nikki Rowe High School


Jennifer X. Lin

Jennifer Lin






Hometown: Tampa, Fla.
High School: C. Leon King High School

Intended Major: Neuroscience

Possible Career: Doctor with specialty in women's health, APIA issues or mental health


Mayank Agrawal

Hometown: Sugar Land, Texas
High School: The Village School

Intended Major: Computer Science

Possible Career: Not sure yet.


Natasha F. Nogueira

Hometown: Santa Cruz, Calif.
High School: York School

Intended Major: Engineering & Astronomy

Possible Career: Aerospace Engineer


Tyrone D. Clay

Tyrone Clay






Hometown: New Orleans, La.
High School: Science Academy

Intended Major: Economics & Computer Science

Possible Career: Financial Analyst