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Candidates for the Philip Evans Scholars Program are selected each year from the pool of accepted students who have committed to attending Swarthmore College in the fall, based on the recommendation of the Swarthmore Admissions Office. Finalists are interviewed in June by a selection committee made up of Swarthmore College and Philip Evans Scholarship Foundation staff and board members.


The Swarthmore Admissions Office looks for candidates who:

  • Show leadership traits and achievements in one or more areas in addition to academics.
  • Show the potential to make good use of the internship, mentoring and networking opportunities that the program offers while managing the rigor of a full-time academic program at Swarthmore.
  • Understand and value the tenets that underlie Swarthmore's value-based traditions. Integrity, accountability, high standards, caring, curiosity, a passion for learning, and a sense of community are all important traits.
  • Add to the strength and diversity of the Swarthmore community, primarily through their skills, talents, intellectual curiosity, and the diverse points of view and positive attitude they bring to the campus.
  • Demonstrate the potential to give back to their local community, to Swarthmore, and at the national and global level. Significant involvement in community service is a strong indicator of this commitment.
  • Have shown the capacity to overcome obstacles and make sound choices in their personal and academic lives before Swarthmore.