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Angel Padilla

Angel Padilla '18

High School: North East High School 

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Major: Political Science & Peace and Conflict Studies (minor) 

Words to Describe Yourself: Stoic, Compassionate, Introvert, Attentive, Diligent 

What impact do you want to have on the world? 
I would like to be a proponent for positive peace throughout the world. While today we live in a world where more deaths occur from suicide than from war, many tensions between states and within states still exist that affect our relationships with other countries and ultimately our foreign policy. I would like to have an impacting role in how we create peace with other nations and how to replicate that peace in other conflicts throughout the globe. Ultimately, I pray to be part of a calling far greater than my own, but this is what I will work towards. Whatever comes of it, I will make the most of it through positive peace, and live my life accordingly.

Name a person you admire: 

A person I admire for a multitude of reasons is Professor Sa'ed Atshan. He embodies the characteristics of a leader I aspire to be. While he is incredibly intelligent and has a brilliant resume of experiences in his professional and academic career, he is incredibly humble and encourages all of his students to challenge their limits. What stands out most about him aside from his achievements, is his heart. Prof. Atshan has saved me in some of my darkest, toughest times at Swat. His level of understanding, and wise words of encouragement have touched and inspired many students at Swat, including myself. If there was any person I would aspire to be like, it would be him; a wise, diligent, compassionate human being like he is. 

What is something you are proud of in your life? 

I take great joy in the fact that I have been growing my Swarthmore Wing Chun Self Defense Club to the point where we have about 16 students coming every Friday. The club is geared towards practical self-defense with Wing Chun Kung Fu applications. I was able to get my instructor to come teach the classes while I am gone from Swarthmore, and we have been able to develop a Women's self defense program to be launched next year. 

What have been the most valuable Evans Scholars program experiences for you? 

The most valuable Evans Scholars program experiences for me would definitely have to be the canoe trips. I have been on two: once when I was a Freshman, and again when I was a Senior going as a mentor. These experiences with the Outward Bound program have been life changing and allowed me to break away from my typical daily life to review and reflect on my life's past, present, and vision of the future. Each trip was an amazing experience and helped me come to grips with my inner demons and allowed me to look at my obstacles with a new pair of lens. These trips have been truly enlightening and unforgettable. 

What was the most transformative class you have taken and/or what subjects do you want to explore deeply? 
My most transformative class I have taken at Swarthmore has been the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict course taught by Prof. Atshan. I came into this class knowing close to nothing about the conflict and came out learning so much about both sides of the conflict. I would love to explore deeply even more about this conflict on how to come to a peaceful resolution between the Israelis and the Palestinians.