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Class of '11 Scholars

Vivek Ananthan

photo of Vivek Ananthan

Hometown: Allentown, Pa.
High School: Parkland High School
Major: Biology and religion
Possible Career: Medicine

Mary Klap

photo of Mary Klap

Hometown: San Diego, Ca.
High School: Patrick Henry High School
Major: Economics and political science
Possible Career: Undecided

Ernesto Manzo

photo of Ernesto Manzo

Hometown: Pomona, Ca.
High School: Ganesha High School
Intended Major: Mathematics
Possible Career: Undecided

Eva McKend

photo of Eva McKend

Hometown: New York, N.Y.
High School: Birch Wathen Lenox School
Major: Honors English literature, Honors minor in religion
Possible Career: Journalism, Filmmaking

Summer Miller-Walfish

photo of Summer Miller-Walfish

Hometown: San Jose, N.M.
High School: West Las Vegas High School
Major: Political science
Possible Career: Undecided

Daniel Symonds

photo of Daniel Symonds

Hometown: Maplewood, N.J.
High School: Columbia High School
Major: Sociology and anthropology and history
Possible Career: Undecided

Maggie Vizcarra

photo of Maggie Vizcarra

Hometown: Long Beach, Ca.
High School: Long Beach Polytechnic High School
Major: Sociology and anthropology, minor in Latin American studies
Possible Career: Undecided