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Pay Stub and Payroll Codes

Earnings Codes

Earnings Codes
Code Short Description Long Description
ADD Add Pay Additional Pay
ADM Adm Lv Administrative Leave
BRE Bereavmt Bereavement - Exempt
BRN Bereavmt Bereavement - Non Exempt
FAJ Fac Adj Faculty Adjustment to Pay
FML FMLA Family/Medical Leave w/o Pay
FSS FSumSal Faculty Summer Salary
GFC GiftCert Gift Certificate
HOL Holiday Holiday Pay
JDE JuryDuty Jury Duty - Exempt
JDN JuryDuty Jury Duty - Non Exempt
MLK MLK Hol Martin Luther King Holiday
MTX Move Rem Move Reimburse Taxable
MVG MovgExp NonTaxable Moving Expense Reim
OT OT@1.5 Overtime @ 1.5 X Reg
PTL ParentPy Parental Leave Pay
REG Reg Pay Regular Earnings
RTX Rent Sub Rent Subsidy N/C Taxable
SAJ StaffAdj Staff Adjustment to Pay
SCE Sick Sick Pay - Exempt
SCF SCP Full Salary Continuation Full 100%
SCL SC Part Salary Continuation Exempt-75%
SCP SC Part Salary Continuation Part @ 75%
SCS SC Ext Salary Continuation Part @ 60%
SIC Sick Sick Pay
TUI TuiReimb Tuition Reimbursement
VAC Vacation Vacation Pay
VCE Vacation Vacation Pay - Exempt
VPT VP Other Vacation Payout - Term 

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Benefit Deduction Codes

Benefit Deduction Codes
Code Short Description Long Description
ACR AcctRecv Accounts Receivable
ADC DCSA Dependent Care Spending Acct
AHC HCSA Health Care Spending Account
BLF BasLife Basic Life Insurance
CPL CompLoan Computer Loan
DEN Dental Dental Premium 
DEP DenDomPart Dental Domestic Partner
EIC Earn Inc Earned Income Credit
FED Fed Tax Federal Withholding Tax
FIM FICA Med FICA Medicare
FIO FICA SS FICA Old Age Social Security
GIF SwatGift Gift To Swarthmore College
IMP Impt Inc Imputed Income
IRS IRS Levy IRS Levy from Wages
LMG LandMtg Land Mortgage
LNN Loan Loan
LST LocSerTx Local Services Tax
LTD LTD Long Term Disability
LTX LTDTxbl LTD Taxable Premium
MED Medical Medical Premium 
MEP MedDomPart Medical Domestic Partner
MTG Mortgage Mortgage Payment
PCN Phil NR Phila Non Resident Wage Tax
PCR Phil Res Phila Resident Wage Tax
PHE Edu WA Higher Ed Wage Attachment
R4T Ret457T Retirement 457 - TIAA/CREF
R4V Ret457V Retirement 457 - Vanguard
RAC RetAddlC Retirement Addl - Calvert
RAT RetAddlT Retirement Addl - TIAA/CREF
RAV RetAddlV Retirement Addl - Vanguard
REH FacERHlt Faculty Early Retiree Health
RNM Rent-Mgw Rent - Morganwood Only
RNT Rent Rent Payment
RSC RetSRACA Retirement SRA - Calvert
RSV RetSRAVA Retirement SRA - Vanguard
RTC RetireCA Retirement Plan - Calvert
RTT RetireTC Retirement Plan - TIAA/CREF
RTV RetireVA Retirement Plan - Vanguard
SAV SalAdv Salary Advance
SMD MD ST TX Maryland State Tax
SNJ NJ ST TX New Jersey State Tax
SOH OH ST TX Ohio State Tax
SPA PA St Tx Pennsylvania State Tax
SVA VA ST TX Virginia State Tax
TRN TranChek Transit Check Plan
UNW UnitdWay United Way
UPA PA SUI PA State Unemployment EE
VIP VisDomPart Vision Domestic Partner 
VIS Vision Vision Premium 
WA1 WageAttm Wage Attachment-Every Pay
WA2 WageAttm Wage Attachment 1 & 2 Only
WA3 WageAttm Wage Attachment % of Gross

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