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2020-2021 Schedule

2020-2021 List Gallery Exhibition Schedule

Spatial Recollections: Art from the Swarthmore College Permanent Collection and Recent Exhibitors

 September 20 — November 20, 2020
List Gallery director Andrea Packard organized the current List Gallery exhibition, Spatial Recollections, as a resource for both students on campus and those studying remotely. Curated during a pandemic that has highlighted social divisions and shifting attitudes toward labor, shared spaces, and the environment, the exhibition features diverse artists who model craftsmanship, civic engagement, and innovation. Calling attention to masterworks that are usually installed in College offices or storage rooms, Spatial Recollections offers a glimpse of Swarthmore’s often-hidden artistic landscape.  
Works selected from Swarthmore's historical collection include masterworks by Benjamin West, James Peale, Thomas Birch, Alexander Frazer the Younger, Daniel Garber, Frederick Childe Hassam, Robert Henri, and Mildred Bunting Miller. The outer room of the List Gallery features 23 works in varied media by 20th Century innovators such as Romare Bearden, Gee's Bend quilter Mary Lee Bendolph, and the seminal ceramic artist, Robert Turner, who graduated from Swarthmore in 1936. The installation also highlights the talents of established artists working in varied media including a painting by Donald Teskey, prints by Orit Hofshi and Daniel Heyman, and photographs by Judy Glickman Lauder and Bruce Cratsley '66. In addition to Turner, notable ceramic artists include Professor of Art Syd Carpenter, David MacDonald, Chris Staley, Ellen Shankin, Kevin Snipes, and Donna Polseno. One of many outstanding works on display is a sculptural ceramic vessel by Alex Anderson, a 2013 graduate of Swarthmore and a rising star in the contemporary art scene.
An online version of the exhibition is currently being organized in collaboration with four Swarthmore seniors who are participating in the gallery's internship program: Bria Dinkins, Inna Kimbrough, Lee Cohen, and Kristina Stallvik.
Due to Covid-19, the physical space of the List Gallery is open only to students, faculty, and staff members who are authorized to be on Swarthmore's campus. The gallery is open daily to 3 visitors at a time from 12:00 – 5:00 p.m.  Appointments can be made via  the College OneCard Center.  During gallery hours, call: 610-328-7811.           
Any exhibition of works from a permanent collection would not be possible without myriad acts of generosity and leadership—qualities we need to nurture now more than ever. Spatial Recollections and the forthcoming exhibition catalog are made possible by the Kaori Kitao Endowment for the List Gallery, the Donald J. Gordon Visiting Artist Fund, and the generosity of Joan Gordon.

View the full exhibition press release here.


Mary Lee Bendolph quilt, Spatial Recollections exhibition, Fall 2020

Mary Lee Bendolph, Strip Quilt, 2006, mixed fabrics, including polyester, corduroy, and cotton blend, 82 x 75 inches. Swarthmore College Permanent Collection.

Kevin Snipes, Spatial Recollections exhibition, Fall 2020

Kevin Snipes, Little Friend (front and rear views) 2015, porcelain, glazes, underglaze, and oxide wash, 9 x 4 x 3 inches. Private Collection.

Alex Anderson '13, Spatial Recollections exhibition, Fall 20

Alexander Anderson, Magnolia Vessel, 2015, porcelain, Swarthmore College

Alexander Fraser the younger, List Gallery exhibition, Fall 20

Alexander Fraser the Younger, Early Spring, oil on canvas, Swarthmore College: Gift of Lee C. Herwig Jr.

Daniel Garber, List Gallery exhibition, Fall 20

Daniel Garber, The Cottage Autumn, 1923, oil on canvas, Swarthmore College

Mary Lee Bendolph, List Gallery exhibition, Fall 2020

Mary Lee Bendolph, Fleet, 2000s, cotton and denim, 90 x 78 inches, Swarthmore College

Childe Hassam, Crowd Scene, oil on canvas, Swarthmore College

Syd Carpenter, Spatial Recollections, List Galery exhibition

Syd Carpenter, Two Birds Dancing, 2006, Earthenware, slip, oxide, 26 x 26 x 18 inches. Private Collection.

Mary Lee Bendolph, Strip Quilt, 2006, mixed fabrics, including polyester, corduroy, and cotton blend, 82 x 75 inches. Swarthmore College Permanent Collection.

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