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Sound and Video




  • Yamaha PM5D
  • Qlab4 run from a current Mac Pro, OSx10.
  • ​8 Channel MOTU Ultra Lite as interface
  • In FOH position, all playback is from a current Mac Mini, OSx10
  • ​Points of delivery should be detailed in a document defining number and placement if the standard House Package is not sufficient
  • Console lives in the booth; however, we have parallel connections for a FOH position at center house at optimal monitoring and sight lines.
    • NOTE: If the event requires FOH position of the console and playback, the request must be specified and approved at least one month prior to the event
  • All power distribution is clean and reliable with back-up power supply and conditioning

Speakers and Processing

  • FOH Mains - Meyers Galileo 616 (current firmware) drives 3 CQ-1s flown LCR with two surface mounted Meyers 650 subs just left and right of proscenium edge
  • On-stage Monitors - Labgruppen 2400 quattro drives 4 Tanoy V12s flown from stage booms: 2 down-stage and 2 up-stage
  • Additional fill speakers and stage wedges are available upon request and approval. All are of equal quality as the above.
  • If additional speakers are needed, full speaker inventory can be discussed in detail by contacting our Audio and Video Supervisor, Scott Burgess


  • We have a full compliment of high-end mics (wired and wireless) appropriate for any situation in the room. This includes 6 Crown 160 PCCs.
  • Full microphone inventory can be discussed in detail by contacting our Audio and Video Supervisor, Scott Burgess


  • We have a full compliment of high-end active and passive Radial and BSS, Whirlwind direct boxes



Main Projector

  • Panasonic PT-RZ12K
  • Lens spec'd to cover our entire back wall viewing surface
  • Switcher/Scaler
    • Analog Way Pulse 2 (with pls350 controller)
    • Communicates to projector via Extron Foxbox 500 optic duo to DVI input
  • Playback achieved through Qlab4 or Isadora

Additional Information

  • Our hard cyclorama is treated with Paint On Screen S1 Ultimate Contrast. Please see house drawings for exact dimensions of the cyc.
  • Any additional projectors or other video input must be specified, discussed, and approved upon such time as delivery of all other design paperwork is due


Scott Burgess is the A1/V1 of the Lang Performing Arts Center. His normal Office hours are Tuesday through Thursday (sometimes Friday), 10am - 5pm. Please contact Scott with any questions or special requests regarding audio and video in the LPAC. He may be contacted at:

Email -

Phone - 610-328-8112