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Costume Shop

General Information

The Swarthmore College Costume Shop (Lang Performing Arts Center, #0016) has provided costume-related services to the Swarthmore campus and the surrounding arts community for many varieties of performances, events, and student social functions since the Lang Performing Arts Center opened in 1990. The Costume Shop operates to assist performing arts students and faculty with costume related issues during the academic year as well as to provide a learning space for costume design and construction classes. The Shop also provides costume production assistance for most academic and extracurricular campus performances and arts events in the LPAC while maintaining a variety of stock costume items available for check out to the campus community. The Shop is gratefully supported by the Dance Program and Theater Department as well as Drama Board and the Lang Performing Arts Center administration.

In an effort to make your Shop experience more efficient and pleasant for everyone involved, please take note of our posted GUIDELINES regarding shop use, which are also available in the Shop or via the Shop Manager.  If you have any questions regarding the Costume Shop or you need to set up an appointment to reserve, borrow, and check out costumes, contact the Costume Shop Manager, by telephone at 610-957-6212 (x6212 from a campus phone) or by email at For more details about Costume Shop checkouts and use of the shop by designers, please refer to our POLICIES.

Location and Schedule

The Costume Shop is located in Room #0016 in the basement hallway on ground floor of LPAC. Hours of operation are posted at the start of each semester. Generally, the Shop is open Monday through Friday during regular business hours, unless otherwise noted. Due to the volume of activity in the Shop, advance appointments are recommended and access to the Shop outside of posted hours is by appointment only or with special departmental permission. The shop is very busy during the academic year, so please respect our time and space.

Unsupervised access to the shop is reserved with permission from the Shop Manager for advanced design students, faculty, and Shop staff only.

Contacts and Hours

Please schedule an appointment with the staff in advance. The Costume Shop schedule changes each semester and is posted on the door of the Shop. You may also make a special appointment by sending an email to the Costume Shop Manager at


There are new penalties if you lose or damage an item you have checked out from the costume shop or bring back uncleaned items, please refer to our POLICIES for more details.

The costume shop no longer lends items for student social functions due to damage concerns and loss.  If you're looking for specific items for events such as Halloween, Screw Your Roommate, or Genderf*ck, we may have specific suggestions on where to shop so stop by or send us an email.

The shop is closed in July, but we do loan costume items for local performances during the summer months.  Contact the Shop Manager for further information.

The costume shop and shop staff help maintain the dressing rooms during performances.  Please help us keep these areas tidy!

For more detailed information about the shop, please refer to our COSTUME SHOP POLICIES. If you are working on a show, please refer to the DESIGNER GUIDELINES.