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This 8-page survey is designed by COFHE, and is administered to seniors biennially in the spring. It asks seniors about their post-graduation plans, evaluations of their undergraduate education and services provided by the college, values, and participation in activities.

COFHE only provides full reports every four years. Participation by other COFHE institutions, and consequently the normative comparisons, in the "off" years are limited. A number of the items in this survey overlap with the Senior Survey used by HEDS institutions. Therefore some comparisons with non-COFHE institutions in HEDS are available.

The Senior Survey of the Class of 2002 was administered for the first time via the web, and was coordinated by our colleagues at MIT. We achieved a response rate of 64%, the highest in recent years. (The Senior Survey of the Class of 2000, achieved a response rate of 54%.) A survey of seniors in the Class of 2004 was conducted March-April of 2004, with a response rate of 69%. The survey of seniors in the Class of 2006 achieved a response rate of 62%. Click on the link below for highlights from the survey of the Class of 2006.

This survey should not be confused with the Senior Survey administered annually by Career Services*.

*That survey consolidates questions from a number of offices on campus which need information from graduating seniors. It is not an opinion survey, but rather it is more an inventory of activities while here, contact information following graduation, and immediate post-graduation plans. The information is used by Career Services, Alumni Office, News and Information, and others to better serve seniors as well as future students. It is conducted in late April / early May each year.