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Useful Links

  • NCES Education Statistics — The perfect place for finding summary data about many issues in Higher Education.
  • NCES College Navigator — Using this site you can find institution-level data about any institution or group of institutions. You can search by institution, type of institution, region, enrollments, programmatic offerings, etc. and find information about enrollments, degrees, staff, faculty, finances, and many other institutional characteristics. It is based on data that the institutions submit as part of their federal reporting requirements.
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education — The best parts of this site are restricted to subscribers only, but Swarthmore users without their own subscription can access it through our library's institutional subscription. Access to the password page is restricted to Swarthmore users only (on or off campus). At the Chronicle site, you can do article searches, access their annual "Almanac of Higher Education," and gain access to their very useful Fact File database. Please note that some of the items in their "Facts and Figures" are available for public access.
  • List of Colleges and Universities — A list, by name of institution or geography, which links you directly to the institutions' home pages.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics — An amazing amount of useful economic information.
  • The Division of Science Resource Studies of NSF — Very useful publications and summary data, with links that drill right down to the reports themselves.
  • NSF WebCASPAR — This is the place to go for institution-level science and engineering data. (Don't be intimidated by the logon bit — you don't have to register to use it.) Data can be downloaded into a number of useful formats, including spreadsheets.
  • Pennsylvania Department of Education — This site is easy to navigate to find information about education at all levels in Pennsylvania.
  • Outcomes Assessment Resources — The IR shop at NC State has compiled this very useful list of references and links to resources for conducting outcomes assessment.