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2020-2021 Projects

Facilitation of Conflict Resolution and DEI Related Trainings Project

Research and implement DEI Facilitation, Restorative Justice, and/or Conflict Resolutions training for Swarthmore’s students (including RPLs), staff, faculty, and administration.

Assist in training the Inclusive Excellence Fellows cohort in facilitation skills to use for the work of the initiative and beyond.

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Initiative Development / Assessment and Current Events Project

Assist in assessment and planning of IEFI projects and training.

Work with the Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Assessment office to understand and create program assessments that support the development of assessment tools and methods for initiative projects.

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Excellence in NSE: Peer Inspired Support Tools for Academic Success Project

Continue to work closely with the Natural Sciences and Engineering [NSE] departments (diversity team) to develop an online toolkit to proactively support students and help them succeed in their classes.

Address systemic issues that adversely impact unrepresented students educational success. 

Assist with the development of toolkits for other interested academic departments 

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Anti-Racism Project

Develop a virtual series about voter discrimination, suppression, suffrage and why voting is an important social justice act.

Support the Anti-Racism Project that was established summer 2020.

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Connecting with Alumni Project

Engage community partners to identify underrepresented alumni to build a collective willing to assist, mentor, and support current underrepresented students.

Collaborate with campus partners to create a series of opportunities for underrepresented alumni and student connections.

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Power the Narrative Through Art

Research and develop virtual programs that highlight underrepresented influential artists in dance, music, film, art, and literature to discuss how their work has made/continues to make an impact on society.

Offer students the opportunity to showcase their work.

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We’ve Always Been Here: History of LGBTQ+

Create a multimedia historical archive of LGBTQ+ communities at Swarthmore and beyond.

Expand campus representation and understanding of gender identities/expression and LGBTQ+ communities. 

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