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Things Riders Should Know and FAQ

Download the Transloc Rider App to see shuttle locations live and obtain estimated time of arrivals (ETA) for your stop.  If you are waiting at a stop and observe the evening shuttle on the Rider App sitting at the Rose Garden Circle longer than 10 minutes, please call the Public Safety Communications Center at (610) 328-8281 and request the shuttle head to your pick-up location.  The Communication Center is in constant contact with the GARNET shuttles via radio.  From 9:00 pm to 1:00 am both GARNET shuttles are running.  During these hours is when one shuttle driver at a time will take a maximum 30 minute break and their shuttle may show out of service on the Rider App.  Both shuttles should never be out of service simultaneously during this time period!  Please provide any positive or negative feedback after any ride on the Rider App under “How was your Ride?”

****ASIDE FROM DURING A SNOWSTORM, YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO WAIT LONGER THAN 20 MINUTES FOR A GARNET SHUTTLE!  If you have waited 20 minutes or longer, call the communication center at (610) 328-8281 and ask for the on duty Supervisor****