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Things Riders Should Know and FAQ

  • Download the Transloc Rider App to see shuttle locations live.
  • If you are waiting at a stop and observe the shuttle on the Rider App sitting longer than 5 minutes, please call the Public Safety Communications Center at (610) 328-8281 and request the shuttle head to your pick-up location.  The Communication Center is in constant contact with the GARNET shuttles via radio. 
  • The shuttle driver will take a maximum 30 minute break during their shift causing the shuttle to show out of service on the Rider App.
  • The shuttle will make stops at each designated stop. If the shuttle is full, the driver will advise of that status and ask you to wait for the next one.
  • Shuttle capacity is shown on the live Transloc map when you click/tap on the active shuttle as it moves along the route.  
  • Please provide any positive or negative feedback after any ride on the Rider App under “How was your Ride?”