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Chester Shuttle

The nearby community of Chester, Pa., is home to a number of community-service programs. For students interested in volunteering, the Swarthmore Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility provides a shuttle van service from Monday to Thursday that runs from Parrish Circle directly to the doors of the organizations being served.

The vans are driven by trained and certified students and may be reserved for special service, advocacy, and activist events during non-shuttle service days and times. It makes volunteering opportunities nice and easy!

Organizations currently being served in Chester include:

  • Chester Eastside Ministries
  • Chester Education Foundation
  • Chester High School
  • Columbus Elementary School
  • Community Action Agency of Delaware County
  • God's House of Glory
  • Nia Center/Freeman Cultural Arts
  • Smedley Middle School
  • YWCA of Chester

Operating Hours:

  • Mon. thru Thurs.,  3–6 p.m.