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Small Motorized Vehicle- E-Scooters, Hoverboards, and E-Skateboards

Due to safety concerns, small motorized vehicles, including e-scooters, hoverboards, and e-skateboards, are not permitted for use on campus. The use, storage, and charging of these lithium battery-powered devices on Swarthmore College property is prohibited.

E-bikes are permitted on campus, provided that users follow all applicable traffic regulations, remain on main roadways and off of campus pathways when possible, and remain at a safe distance from pedestrians. E-bikes may not be stored or charged inside any campus buildings, and you must lock your property to the outdoor bike-racks. Bikes must be parked parallel to the rack and must not prevent people from using the sidewalk or walkway. Bikes may not block any entrance to a campus building. If a bike is locked to any other bike parked at the rack, it may result in the cutting of the lock and the confiscation of the bike. E-bike batteries that are detachable from e-bikes are not permitted to be charged inside campus buildings.

Electric mobility aids for individuals with disabilities are permitted on campus.  For more information on the approval process, faculty and staff should reach out to the Human Resources benefits team (; students should reach out to the Student Disability Services Office (

Any violation of this policy may result in confiscation of your vehicle, a violation fine, and an infraction following guidelines for disciplinary action in the employee handbook or the student handbook, depending on your campus status. Guests of the College could be fined and/or banned from use of campus grounds and facilities.