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Reserving a Vehicle

Swat Central is used to request the use of a campus vehicle.  All requests are tentative until you receive an email confirmation. Requests must be made no less than 2 business days in advance.

Please be aware that if your destination is further than 200 miles from the College, you will not be able to use a College fleet vehicle. Please contact the Purchasing office for information on travel reimbursements. 

Reserve a College Fleet Vehicle

  1. Log in to Swat Central using your College credentials.
  2. Click on Event Form.
  3. Fill in required fields.
    1. Event Name (i.e., golf practice, club soccer, biology trip, etc.).
    2. Event Type — Fleet.
    3. Primary department responsible for this reservation.
    4. Expected Attendance — this represents the total number of passengers traveling, including the driver(s).
      1. There is a maximum of 10 passengers per vehicle, including the driver.
    5. Event Date and Time the start time should be when you are leaving campus, and the end time should be the expected time of return to campus.
      1. There is the option to create a repeating pattern if needed.
  4. Event Description this is not a required field, but should be used to note any helpful information.
  5. Go to Resources, and search for Fleet.
  6. Click Reserve.
  7. A new screen will appear. In the Instructions box, list your specific vehicle needs (i.e., (1) minivan, (2) 10 passenger vans, etc.).
  8. Fill in required Custom Attributes.
    1. Name of Certified Drivers — one person needed for each vehicle request.
    2. Certified Driver’s Mobile Number.
    3. List the names of all passengers if not known at time of request, this information must be submitted to Fleet Management prior to reservation date.
    4. Verify if non-matriculating minors will attend.
    5. Final Destination This must be the address of the final destination, after leaving campus.
    6. Confirm that the final destination is within 200 miles of campus  College vehicles may not be driven to a destination that is more than 200 miles one way from Swarthmore College. For trips greater than 200 miles one way, an alternative mode of transportation must be used, such as train, airplane, or bus. If an alternative method of travel is not available, please notify Fleet Management to determine your trip requirements.
  9. You can also note Purpose of Trip and any Cargo, if this information will be helpful.
  10. Confirm that all information is correct, then hit Save. You will be notified if your request is approved, denied, or needs more information.

Golf Carts

College-owned golf carts may be available to use for events taking place on campus.  There are a limited number of potential carts for this purpose, so availability is not guaranteed.  Please contact at least 1 week prior to your event to discuss availability and requirements.