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Picking Up, Using, and Returning a Vehicle

Picking Up a Vehicle | Using a Vehicle | Returning a Vehicle

Picking Up a Reserved Vehicle

Once your vehicle reservation request has been approved by Fleet Management, you will receive a confirmation with the reservation details, including the specific vehicle number(s) that have been reserved for your trip.   

Go to Public Safety (Benjamin West House) at the start of your reservation time to check out your vehicle.  Have a copy of the reservation confirmation (either electronic or hard copy) with you. You will need to present your OneCard to check out the vehicle key. You can only check out the key for the vehicle you will be driving.

The vehicle will be parked in Cunningham North Lot, unless you are advised otherwise. 

During the rental period, the driver is expected to inspect their reserved vehicle on a daily basis for both pre-trip and post-trip situations. Drivers must complete the vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist and Post Trip Inspection Checklist at the start and end of the rental period.

Using a Fleet Vehicle 


The vehicle is equipped with E-ZPass for tolls. When driving through a toll area, be sure to stay in the lane(s) designated for E-ZPass payment.

Fuel Card

There is a WEX Fuel Card in the glove box of each vehicle. The card can be used at any fueling station; whenever possible, though, Sunoco is preferred due to the rebates offered for this program. Certified drivers will be given a PIN for the card, which will be the last six digits of their College ID number. This number, along with the mileage, will need to be entered at the pump.  If the fuel level is less than half full, please refill the tank at the end of your trip.

Roadside Assistance Program

In the event of an emergency, we have a Roadside Assistance Program with Corporate Claims Management (CCM). There will be a packet in the glove box detailing how to use this service in an emergency.

Returning a Fleet Vehicle

When returning to campus, park the vehicle back in the Cunningham North Lot unless instructed otherwise. Clear out any debris from the vehicle (i.e., drinks, food, etc.) complete the Post Trip Inspection Checklist and report any damage that was not there prior to departure. Return the key to Public Safety.