What is IDOC?

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The College utilizes the College Board’s Institutional Documentation Service, known as IDOC (pronounced “eye-dok”), to receive and process the financial aid application materials that accompany the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE and the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

After submitting the CSS/PROFILE form, IDOC allows for secure electronic upload, transmission, and submission of supporting financial aid documents and materials (federal income tax returns and schedules, W-2s, 1099 forms, etc.).  

All U.S. citizen applicants, both prospective and returning, will be submitting supporting tax and income documentation directly to the IDOC service. Any application materials snail-mailed or dropped off to the Financial Aid Office in hard copy will be shredded.

Prospective and returning international financial aid applicants will submit supporting materials via their Financial Aid Checklist; these students will NOT be utilizing IDOC. Prospective students will access their Financial Aid Checklist via their Applicant Status page portal link sent from the Admissions Office. Returning international students will submit their supporting documents via MySwarthmore.

The IDOC service is of no cost to students and will further the Financial Aid Office’s recent migration toward the secure and sustainable goal of reducing paper flow throughout the office.

Students who should be submitting information to IDOC, must first complete and submit the CSS/PROFILE form. At the time of submission, students and parents will be provided an immediate opportunity to upload documents. View a slideshow tutorial that simplifies and explains IDOC. **Currently this video is 2018-19 but you will select 2019-20 when choosing your application year.**

IMPORTANT:  Submission of supporting financial aid documents should be submitted all at once to ensure more accurate delivery and tracking. The table below indicates the appropriate method of submitting documents. If you have completed your CSS/PROFILE form you may log in to IDOC.

Please be sure to complete the IDOC Cover Sheet.  This is a key piece of information that is necessary to process your financial aid application.

Document Submission Methods & Dates
Student Applicant Type Document Submission Method Submission Due Date
Prospective Domestic (U.S. citizen) IDOC See domestic deadline information
Prospective International Admissions Applicant Status Page See international deadline information
Returning Domestic (U.S. citizen) IDOC March 1
Returning International MySwarthmore March 1