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Common Questions

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How Do We Determine Financial Need?

Swarthmore uses a holistic approach to evaluating a family’s financial need, and analyzes a number of different factors in order to determine the amount of need-based financial aid for each student’s award. Get more information about Swarthmore’s institutional methodology for calculating a student’s financial need.


How Can I Request Reconsideration of My Financial Aid Application?

Our goal is to provide a financial aid award that best reflects your family’s determined financial need. If the information you provided in your financial aid application has changed, or was incorrect or incomplete, you may want a reconsideration of your financial aid award. Get more information about the reconsideration process.


What Other Costs Can My Financial Aid Decision Cover?

Swarthmore’s financial aid awards can cover all or part of billed charges, such as tuition, housing and food, and the student activity fee. In addition, your financial aid award may cover other expenses, such as the cost of textbooks, supplies, or even expenses related to studying abroad.  Get more information about other costs that your financial aid award may cover.


How Could My Financial Aid Decision Change Next Year?

A family’s financial situation may change from year to year, and Swarthmore’s annual cost of attendance expectedly increases each year. The College believes that these changes should be reflected accurately in its financial aid awards. We evaluate your annual application for financial aid carefully, and factor such changes into how your annual financial aid award is determined. Get more information about how your financial aid award may change next year.


How Could My Academic Performance Impact My Financial Aid Decision?

There may be financial aid implications for students who do not make satisfactory academic progress, or who withdraw or take a leave of absence. Get more information about how your academic work can have an effect on your financial aid award.


How Does Participating In Study Abroad Impact My Financial Aid Decision?

If you participate in the Off-Campus Study Program you remain registered at Swarthmore, are billed according to the regular billing cycle, and keep all awarded financial aid. You are charged for Swarthmore College tuition, housing, and food for each semester abroad.


Where Can I Read about Financial Aid Policies and General Information

The Financial Aid Handbook is updated each semester and contains general information.  Get more information about the Financial Aid Handbook.