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How Does the Reconsideration Process Work?

Scott Amphitheater

The Financial Aid Office uses a holistic approach to determine a student’s financial need and provide a financial aid award that best reflects the information submitted in the financial aid application. If information that you provided in your financial aid application has changed for reasons beyond your family's control, or if the information was submitted incorrectly, parents of dependent students may request a reconsideration of the new information.  This option is available for parents who file U.S. federal income tax returns and/or who reside and earn in the United States.  

Request for Reconsideration for Academic Year 2019-2020

If you are an independent student, you should send the written request for consideration directly to your assigned financial aid director. The letter or email should describe the changes in income or circumstances that are beyond the family's control, or provide additional information that was not included in the financial aid application. The student's assigned financial aid director will be in touch with the student and/or family as quickly as possible to discuss possible next steps.

A financial aid committee meets regularly to discuss requests for reconsideration of financial aid application information. Requests for reconsideration are processed on a first come, first served basis and reconsideration requests regarding returning student awards are considered only after initial financial aid awards are completed for all returning students.