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Verification Worksheet FAQ

Commonly asked questions about completing the Federal Verification Worksheet

  1. My sibling is supported by my custodial parents, but they are living at school. Should I include them in the household size
    1. Yes, you should include them in the household size.
  2. What should I list as the age for each household member?
    1. You should list how old each household member will be on June 30th, 2025.
  3. One of my household members has left the household since the FAFSA was completed. Should I include them on the verification worksheet?
    1. No. Only include people who currently live in your parents’ household and are supported/will be supported throughout the 2024-25 academic/award year.
  4. My mother will be giving birth to a child. Should I include the child in the household size?
    1. No, you should not include unborn children in the household size.
  5. My older sibling has graduated college and is living at home. They are not claimed by my parents as a dependent on their tax return. Should I include them in the household
    1. No, you should not include an older sibling who is living at home, but supporting themselves, in the household size.
  6. My grandparents live with my parents and receive social security payments. Should I include them in the household size?
    1. Only if your parents provide more than half of your grandparents’ support. In order for them to be included in the household size, they must be eligible to be claimed as a dependent by your parents on their Federal tax return.
  7. What if I have a question that is not answered on this page?
    1. You can schedule a meeting with a member of our office