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Study Abroad

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If you choose to study abroad or at one of Swarthmore’s numerous domestic exchange programs, you can apply to have your financial aid applied to those costs. Financial aid cannot be applied to an off-campus study program automatically. Contact the Off-Campus Study Office to arrange for approval of aid consideration for these programs.

Note: Most study-abroad programs do not offer campus work opportunities, so you may wish to borrow additional funds to fill that gap. Let us know if this applies to your situation.

Your eligibility for Swarthmore financial aid during study abroad will be based on Swarthmore’s actual charges and allowances for books and personal expenses as if you were living on campus. In practice, this policy allows for a more generous budget for your study abroad, since you will not pay the student activity fee, and off-campus study programs rarely expect students to buy many books. This leaves room for the expenses you might incur for any necessary vaccinations or travel visas.