Meet Our Staff

Every current and prospective student who applies for financial aid is assigned a financial aid director according to the student's last name. We work with students and their families starting with your initial contact with Swarthmore during the admissions process, and continuing throughout your time at the College. 

We understand that the financial aid process can feel challenging, and our directors are here to help. We are ready to answer questions, review application information, and prepare reviews of your files to help you feel more comfortable with the process.  

We encourage you to contact your student's assigned financial aid director via email or phone if you have questions about financial aid at Swarthmore. 

students whose last names
begin with A-M

Kristin Moore
Director of Services


students whose last names
begin with N-Z

John Haggerty
Assistant Director


international (non-U.S. citizen, F-1 visa)

Varo L. Duffins