For International Students

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Returning students who wish to be considered for financial aid must apply for financial aid each year.  You are considered an international student if ALL of the following are true:

  • you are a non-U.S. citizen
  • you are not a DACA student
  • your parents file a foreign tax return in lieu of a U.S. tax return

Required tax and income documents must be submitted online to your Financial Aid Checklist, accessed via the following path: MySwarthmore > Student Main Menu > Financial Aid Information > Upload Documents tab. 

Click on the Upload Documents tab, and upload your information from a PC or laptop (smartphone access may not be possible).  If you have difficulty uploading your information, please try a different browser (Safari seems to work better for Mac users).  Should you have any issues, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Required materials:

  • CSS/Financial Aid Profile
  • a letter from each parent’s employer with attested parent income documentation
  • calendar tax year income information for the year used to complete the CSS/Financial Aid Profile

Note:  If your required documents do not appear to align with the information that you are able to procure, simply upload your documentation in lieu of the required documentation along with a brief, signed note of explanation for the Financial Aid Committee to understand your submission.  Ultimately, the Committee needs official, attested documentation to corroborate with the information that your family reported on the CSS/Financial Aid Profile, so please work toward that goal.