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Swarthmore College signed (April 13) and returned (April 14) to the Department of Education the Certification and Agreement for receipt of the CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds (HEERF) for student aid in the amount of $1,200,865. The College's intent is to use the funds, $600,433, to provide emergency financial aid grants to students (student aid HEERF).

  • On May 15, 2020 the College received its distribution of CARES Act funds. 
  • The College will report its first update here on this webpage 30 days from May 15, 2020 on June 14, 2020.
  • All updates will be placed here on this webpage at least every 45 days from June 14, 2020 (THIS REGULATION HAS BEEN UPDATED - SEE BELOW). 
  • Title IV eligible students (862) received an email from the Financial Aid Office on May 28, 2020 with instructions on how to acquire CARES Act funds.
  • On June 8, 2020, the College began its awarding of a total of $578,000 in CARES Act funds to 608 students.
  • On June 25, 2020 the College drew down $578,030 of the student aid HEERF, the remaining amount may be drawn down at a later date.
  • The College reserved some funds for late eligible filers and other CARES Act student support related purposes. 
  • The College provided student aid HEERF to students who submitted a recent and valid FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to the College’s Financial Aid Office, and that was based on the FAFSA that was on file with the College at the time the College received authorization to distribute the student aid HEERF from the Department of Education.
  • The amount of student aid HEERF provided to qualified students was determined by their level of overall institutionally determined financial need.
  • Students were provided with instructions to certify their eligibility for the funds, and the students who received these funds followed those certification requirements.
  • 89 students with lower financial need received $430 each; 519 students with higher financial need received $1,040 each (June 8, 2020).
  • The College was originally mandated to update this information every 45 days from June 14, 2020 until further notice.  This was revised August 31, 2020; the College will now update this page within ten (10) days following the end of each quarter (September 30, December 31, March 31, June 30) and thereafter.
  • As of July 22, 2020, the College has awarded a total of $579,500 in CARES Act funds to 610 students; 90 students with lower financial need received $430 each; 520 students with higher financial need received $1,040 each (October 1, 2020).
  • Last updated:  October 1, 2020; July 27, 2020; June 25, 2020; June 14, 2020