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Swarthmore Fellowships


Awarded to seniors and graduates of Swarthmore College (with no age limits) for an initial year of advanced graduate work at institutions in the US or abroad. Swarthmore Fellowships carry a stipend of $5,000 or more, paid directly to the school of your choice in two installments. Available fellowships:  Leedom (open to everyone), Lippincott (open to everyone), Lockwood (for members of the Society of Friends, and subject to application for renewal), Mott (for women only), Tyson (for women planning to enter elementary or secondary education), Janney (for women only, and subject to application for renewal), McCabe (for graduate work at one of the following business schools: Harvard, Chicago, MIT, Northwestern, Penn, or Stanford; subject to application for renewal).

Selection Criteria

  • U.S. citizenship is NOT required.


April 20th of every year.

How to Apply

Graduating seniors can access the application through the following link:

Alums of the college can access an application through the following link:

Selection Process

Members of the Fellowships and Prizes Committee review each application and determine recipients based on the availability of funds.