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May 29, 2018

There is construction related to the BEP project which requires the installation of underground piping from the Chiller Plant (the large, windowless building behind the Science Center) to the BEP building site.  The route of the piping will follow the road alongside the Science Center and will cross Whittier Place to reach the new building.​  

To accommodate the installation of this piping, vehicular traffic to and from Lang Performing Arts Center, Lang Music Building, Cornell Library and the Science Center will be detoured through the Whittier Parking Lot.  Pedestrian routes, including accessible routes, will be altered but maintained at all times.  The drop-off and pick-up route for summer camps and events will be adjusted so that buses and cars can circulate through the Whittier Parking Lot rather than stopping on Whittier Place. Some parking, including accessible spaces, in Whittier Parking Lot will be closed or displaced during the construction.

The most disruptive work will be completed by August 31st.  A smaller piece of construction will follow after Labor Day, in the area closest to the Chiller Plant.