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Maxine Frank Singer '52 Hall Construction Highlights

Singer Hall

Scheduled completion in 2020:

The first phase of construction was completed in summer 2019. Phase 1 includes all space for the Department of Engineering and teaching and research laboratory space for the Biology and Psychology departments.  

The second phase of construction will be completed in summer 2020. Phase 2 includes faculty and staff offices for the Departments of Biology and Psychology and the shared commons and outdoor spaces. Final landscaping will be installed in fall 2020.

Construction Highlights for 2018-19: 

The structural steel for Phase 1 was completed in April 2018.

The first phase of a campus-wide infrastructure upgrade to convert from steam to low-temperature hot water for centralized building heating was connected to the new building and placed in service in February 2019.

The building envelope was substantially completed in April 2019.

The Engineering Department and some portions of the Biology and Psychology departments moved into Phase 1 in summer 2019.

 Hicks Hall was demolished in July 2019 to enable construction of Phase 2 of the project.