BEP Construction Highlights

Scheduled completion in 2020:

  • First phase of construction will go on through Summer 2019. Phase 1 includes all space for the Department of Engineering and all teaching and research laboratory space for the Biology and Psychology Departments.  
  • Second phase of construction will go on through Summer 2020. Phase 2 includes faculty and staff offices for Biology and Psychology, the Commons area, outdoor spaces and final landscaping.
    • Phases 1 and 2 building areas will be united by an three-story high skylit atrium upon completion.


Current Work:

  • Excavation for Phase 1 building foundations and preparation for structural steel erection, which will begin in late fall. (Fall 2017)


Upcoming Work:

  • Structural steel erection beginning November/December 2017. (Fall 2017)


Departmental Moves:

  • Engineering Department move-in (Summer 2019)
  • Final Biology and Psychology departments move-in (Summer 2020)


Sustainability Features:

  • High-performance heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, including:
    • Chilled beams for ventilation in lab spaces
    • Radiant flooring in Commons area
    • Energy efficient hot-water heating system with a low carbon impact
  • Cistern in place to collect roof rainwater, below-grade infiltration and retention beds
  • Exterior is designed to both reduce heat from sun on south and west façades, and to maximize natural light on north and east façades
  • Use of natural, minimally-processed, recycled, and recyclable materials throughout
  • Integrated, natural landscape design
  • Energy and water systems will be monitored in real time, and data will be used for educational purposes